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Harry:  Louis William Tomlinson, I know you tolerate a lot, me being so possessive, an arse sometimes, a whiny little child and a terrible awful washed-up knock knock joke teller, I know I'm not always perfect like you, I exposed us so many times acting stupid because I'm so bloody damn in love with you, I can't take my hands off of you, I caused us a lot of pain, made you cry and scream, I know, I know you deserve better, the best and not me, but, but can I live in a world without my Louis? No, love, I can't. so will you Larry me? I love you, marry me, Louis.
Louis:  *cries* *whispers* oh god yes yes yes yes yes, oh god Harry you're perfect I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU, yes yes baby yes.
If that’s ‘only friends’ behaviour then I think I’ve been fucking my best friend


the title is pretty self-explanatory Harry and Louis’ relationship is definitely not strictly platonic

(btw I’m not fucking my best friend yet)

let’s start from the beginning shall we?


I’ve never ever ever in my more than 10 years of relationship with my best friend jumped into her arms that way and FFS! YOU JUST HAVE MET IN THE BATHROOM BOYS CALM DOWN!

okay okay let’s move on gosh I’m already angry

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I honestly feel like there are more Larry shippers than there are of Elounor shippers and if that doesn’t say something then I don’t know what does. My opinion though no hate to anyone whatsoever.